Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Stitch`n with friends

 I have been keeping up with the 1857 Quilt I have all the blocks done for Jan and Feb and now

I will work on more PHD`s for my guest speaking at the Yorkshire Rose Quilt guild on March 16, 2016. What a wonderful compliment when a guild asks you to present your quilts. It means that someone has liked what you have done and would like you to share with their friends. This guild has the best quilt shows a wonderful mixture of hand and machine work stunning work!
 So you can see I am still working also on my Trick or Treat baskets by BBD I am on the last 100 out of 300 so I feel very accomplished with this project. I am hoping to have it pieced together for the trunk show.

I also prepped the circles for the 1857 and then got them all done already I used the fabrics that were left from the Trick or Treat fabrics they are from a swap I did in the Kathleen Tracy`s Small Talk yahoo group. I am also saving whats left of the 6in blocks for the Sue Garman`s OMG quilt.
 So I also sat on Sunday with Karen H and her Mom and stitched with them. Karen and I are both working on 1857 quilt together she is going more towards the Traditional Red and Green and using the back basting method where I am more towards the CW fabrics and using needle turn method.
 So then Karen had me lay all my blocks out that I had done so far to see what it looked like. i am pretty happy so far!

It is fun to stitch with Karen and her mom! They also made me a wonderful pizza with cauliflower crust it was delicious. Karen knows how to keep the tummy very happy.

I have been telling Rose Marie about my stitching and she has decided to join us cyber stitching hers we will share long distance.
 Anne (Karen`s Mom) is stitching the blocks from Into the Meadow with Black Bird Designs and you can see she is having great fun with these.
I don`t know if you remember me talking about the Mini Auction from Yorkshire Rose well Anne is making this one for donation is it not adorable! love her flowers growing along the fence!

Well I am sure you have stuff to do I am a  little chatty today but lots going on. Go do some quilting and let me know what you are doing!

Sunday, February 7, 2016


 I am not sure if you remember when We Three quilters did a 9in red and neutral swap of material to make this Bonnie Hunter pattern
I started working on this on one of the retreats I went to, I laid out the blocks didn`t like it so brought them home and played more then came up with this. There is great value in the blocks this is what makes it so spectacular to me!
You can see Rose Marie`s here Mary no blogger I didn`t get a picture of hers. So 3 quilters all different, same fabric.
 Well I had the top pieced for a while but had not decided to hand or machine quilt it. So glad I decided to machine. I took it to Whirl`s and Swirl`s and picked out the pattern Tracey found a perfect thread and then...ugh what did I do to myself!
This was a very difficult pattern for me as a beginner so I thought. As I went along I got comfortable and it turned out pretty good. It has the same quirkiness all the way through it so it looks like it should be. I am happy how it turned out. Very happy
 This is huge it took 5 1/2hours to quilt. I am not a slow machine quilter (it is better to go at a good clip rather than try to be perfect on every line) It is about 100x120 because I wanted to use every block
 Rose Marie will want to see the back. This was the fabric for last years row by row, I thought it appropriate since it was a quilting adventure I hope you can bring it up closer to see all the quilting names of rivers, roads, highways, towns, and Lakes it is very entertaining.
 These are my blocks for the 1857 quilt, I am loving this, i have 4 done and the 2 more prepped and ready.

Have a great weekend!

Friday, January 29, 2016

January is not as long as you think

 So you think January is the longest month next thing you know you are looking at the last weekend of January! Where did it go?! We barely had any snow so far which is great for a Chihuahua residence.

I posted about this quilt I am working on well I finally have the blocks done and have it on the design wall.

There are only 526 HST triangles but lets not forget I am also going to do a double border of them as well so not done yet.

 So as you can see it here there is lots of space for some groovy modern quilting. I can`t do it myself but need to know who can in the Eastern Toronto-Oshawa area or who wants too.

I think I mentioned in the other post this is from Quiltmaker magazine I am posting the picture because I wanted to show how different a quilts personality changes with fabric choices.

Here are some selfies of Buddy saying enough I want so lap time and me with fabric on the forehead, I did not realize until after that I was also wearing the fabric these are the little corners clipped off the HST
Hope you are enjoying January as much as I did  with theis first project almost completed.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

365 quilt

Is anyone working on? I caught up last night got 13 done. it is free and there are over 11, 000 quilters signed up for it. go to the 365 Quilt link and they are also on Facebook

here is what I have so far...and you will love the look of a Chi that needs some mama love.

 these are 14 blocks done already. now the thing that scares me

we are already heading into our second week of January! how does that happen?
I also taught another one block wonder class in the later part of 2015 and one of the students, a total beginner sent me this gorgeous quilt, she was a great student! and look her quilt is just incredible. I hope to see the others as well they all picked great fabric

I put Buddy in because this is the best picture of him 

Monday, January 11, 2016

time to post

 I found this pattern as an ad  in one of my mags a while back and really liked it... then leafing through one of my mags I found the pattern! This is why it is so hard to give them up

I finished the first Walking Dead quilt I will post a picture this week but started on the Second Series quilt I love how it is turning out

I had bought the whole bolt of the Walking Dead fabric so i have enough to do what I would like
This is from the Quilters newsletter mag Jan/Feb 2000

As you can see it kinda looks like blades swirling around them.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Flower Power, summer not over yet

 I had the joy of following Karen to one of her Workshops at the London Quilters Guild last week. The whole trip was fabulous! Here is Karen and the President of the guild together. What a great picture their smiles say it all on what a great time we had.

Karen was above and beyond the best instructor lots of samples ready for her students lots of quilts she shared for her trunk show the evening before and the workshop was the best I learned so much. I forgot what it was like to take a workshop, there are always things you can learn.
Take time and go to a workshop no matter how progressed you are in quilting there is something you can always learn.
 Karen and one of the quilters in the workshop auditioning fussy cutting with one of the templates Karen had prepped for each participant. (15)
 The yellow one is the fabric Karen got ready for each kit for us to use. INCREDIBLE. so we were able to go through each step did I say I learned so much!

The pinky one I did in the workshop of all things I forgot my fabric so then had to buy some. (any excuse will do) Lucky there was a vendor there. Karen had other patterns that you can find on her Etsy store just click on her name and it will take you to her blog.

Then I come home and prep 100 more hexies and have some flowers to show for it, petals falling around my Buddy, as you can see not to happy with the sleep interruption!

Just a little update I now have 6 flowers made! and I am loving the process, as you can see my model had some attitude when I tried to show him my petals

I'm linking up with The Needle and Thread Network.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Walkers are advancing

 This is Nicole doing hand work she also owns the Log Cabin Yardage store you can get great fabric there! Nicole also hosts our Applique Society meetings at her store if you are interested in some dates let me know we are usually meeting on a Wednesday or Sunday..
 I am currently preparing my last 120 baskets, see that wonderful pile of fabrics in zippies. I got those on a swap that I will be using for my baskets.
 This is someone I met at the Log Cabin she is creating her own block with fabrics in Nicole`s store
 So now you can see that I have gotten a little further but I didn`t stop there, I kept trying to stop but every time I took a picture I had to do more.
 This is the fabric that I am going to put on the borders. I am not sure how many of you have watched The Walking Dead, but at one point there is a map drawn on the chalkboard of the neighbourhood this reminded me of it.
So now you can see I have really conquered these roamers, the first 2 rows, they are very large rows, are almost together you can see that the rows have shrunk compared to the bottom 2 rows. I still have another 2 rows to put in there, at the bottom.
I have been thinking about the quilting and wondered if there was a pattern for a wrought iron fence design.

Well off to visit the London Quilt guild tonight Karen will be doing her trunk show and also workshop. This will also be the first time I have ever stayed in a B&B!! Imagine!!